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the fbi crime lab, spotty at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. no identification on the body and they have spent one week looking and pittsburgh in a landfill for the 35 year-old frederick sales and this is a picture and also he lived in this house with his father, a 73 year-old ricardo sales and police found him be tend to death in his bed on august 28th. and we of said accrue to this house, and we're on this story and as soon as we get this information will pass it on to you. pam? >> we will continue to cover this, and as we continue to deve our coverage will continue and more muni controversy tonight as a driver's discuss a possible sick out. and service restitutions last saturday, and changes to
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procedures, and $80 parking fee, tonight kron 4 looks all this could affect your commute. >> an anonymous flyer is circulating. >> anonymous flies in circulating among muni for a four day sick out on september 14th. as christine connolly explains the muni says it is just a rumor but officials are preparing, just in case. >> this is a flyer that says muni are orders to " it is time to take the stand to call in six, september 14th-17 and the operators are requested to not come to work and if we do not come to work?... the flier talks about changes to procedures and a new $80 per month for employees. this is what muni had to say about the anonymous flyer. party for a boss employees used to be free, however, now, $eight
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here and this is what muni had to say about this anonymous flyer. >> we are concerned, aware of the situation and taking precautions. we will be aware, and will be ready. >> and a confirmed rumors that there is a sickout. >> muni is making plans if a sickout could take on question- the could take on muni. and other agencies, like ac transit if a sickout--occurs. and commuters could see cancellations. potentially, this to be no service for some parts of the city. we are going to work extremely hard that we will not interrupt service. fasttaxis and ...>> they sent a memo to the muni drivers said it would violate the city charter. >> muni said a memo reminding them that a systemwide sick of would violate the city charter. the potential for a muni set out >> 6:00 p.m., why the union says that it is not sanctioning this sick out and with the city says it would be a big mistake if that sick out would happen. >> former golden gate bridge highway/transportation employees
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been arrested and accused of embezzlement. and jonathan blum is an live in the summer file with this developing story. fed >> the rest happened here at the san rafael police deported after a several weeks investigation of the activity of jason brewer a buyer for the division and he was given a company credit card. over the several years he purchased almost $100,000 worth of personal merchandise, like computers, televisions and other electronics. they held a press conference, here and they talked about the result of that investigation. and that the brewer has been fired, and investigators are trying to get back that stuff that he got with the company credit card. they also said that he was cooperative in turned himself in. then we residents here, at the best pand we investigated this, for about one year. he was
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very cooperative, forthcoming and describing the methods he used to commit the fraud. and actually, he came here on his own and surrendered. >> police say the electronics will be used as evidence against him, in court. >> and new details, e-mail at >> and you see grads. www.snowbomb.c today, ron says o release sarah shores on the left, she is the only woman in this group. and according to her family, she has a serious medical problems. she will be released and ordered to mark the holiday of the end, ramadan. and there is no word on the fate of the other two a jonathan and shane, bauer. $300 million has been tacked onto the bay area bridge suspension.
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that total of that project is almost $2 billion. this expansion includes a giant power attached to a this $300 million will cover extra construction work and any other problems that might come up during this project. this is an artist rendering of what the bridge could look like. cost, this expansion is still $6.2 billion and scheduled to finish and 2013. , so but i 680, the hov can now experience a white stripe indicating a new 40 miles express lane. this will go into affect monday, september 16th this is designed for commuters to avoid peak hours, and however, fastrak and used 30¢-
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$6. commuters, will use this for north, this is going to start and 1 mi. south of 84 in stretches all the way 2680 until the region's highway 237. all the way 2680, and all the way 2237, 40 miles total. >> the oakland old korean town host--40 miles total. 14 mi. >> the new toll road is 14 mi.! >> and this new parolee system is affecting the development of this spring neighborhood. >> the only gun arms police officials have provided
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additional of and most people supported this a store but some residents are and against it. they have been open for over five decades. ♪ >> sunny and warm this afternoon and we are seeing some patches of fog along the coast. that is what temperatures are a bit cooler and we are maintaining that sea breezes. other than that, temperatures are in the 70's, 77 degrees in livermore, antioch, and napa. 65 degrees in san jose and will continue with his warming trend into the weekend. some patchy fog is going to bea a bit more inland, and with the dense fog will be continuing to the morning and details coming up. >> this is a live look of cited the san francisco traffic. on the top of your screen, it is practically at a standstill heading towards the lower deck.
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the bottom is also quite slope of the south 101. we will be right back. ú
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>> governor arnold schwarzenegger has passed legislation that it could lockup sex offenders for life. the murder of chelsea king, and also to amber dubois. >> another your grieving for chelsea king. and also for emmerich dubois. and also there will be honored with new laws. and i know the go worker or a hard in this has come from this tragedy. and i want you to know that i signed chelsea's lot and will be affected, in the leak. because of urgency in this bill so it will no the delayed. >> children of california will be better protected from this moment on. >> governor arnold
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schwarzenegger sign as with brand and kelly king, the parents of chelthe late chou se. >> and the form chelsea teen-- >> and also the ban on tattooing and chairman of the beach. however, tattooing is a unique and free speech and unique expression of self expression. ramos the beachermoe shop owner.
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>> we are following a developing story with a body found in a hercules home that could be linked to the killing spree committed by efren valdemoro let me show you some video. in the last half-hour, investigators and agents from the fbi crime lab on the spot the inside this house. this is on crete mrylte
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on hercules, no identity yet. as we've been saying for the last one week police been looking at the palandfill in pittsburgh. frederick sales this is a picture of him, he lived with his father ricardo sales who was beaten to death august 28th. we have a news crew headed to the scene and we will get you the latest of permission as we get it. ♪ gamma warmer weather as we head into the weekend and tempters are already warming up. >> and already cooler on sunday. on saturday, and it is going to be arou8090, inland and will bea nice day to get out and it tore the weather. and you can see that fog covering the coast line and right now, sunny skies but that fog is reformulating along
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the coast. and it is around 6:00 p.mthe embassy that fog and also 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. inland. peeling back to oakland, hayward, 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. and we will of sunny skies again tomorrow and temperatures are going to warm up as well. 80 degrees in santa rosa, 66 degrees in san francisco. inland, are going to get back into the mid-'80s. 85 degrees in antioch, and even cooler inf morning of the bay shore, because of the inland fog. a look at the kron 4 kron 4 7 day around the bay and a warming trend with a cool down towards the sunday. it was too pretty pleasant, friday and saturday will be very similar. however, ever go into the next week, a series of weaker storms with a cool down of several degrees and extensive fog will stay monday
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and lasting zero to out next week. ♪ >> new details on the ninth anniversary of 911 is just a few days away and controversy is tightening over the protest over the mostly charles rittenhouse and as well awww.snowbomb.comths planned to cancel >> and this sentiment is arguing that this is dealing with the controversy of the 911. >> if we move? the rebels said shift the discourse. >> and victims of 911 are not. >> for me, the solution is for him to say that in memory of all those people, and as a gift to york. we are going to think about our plans and maybe build
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another location, somewhere. as that plays out so does a controversy over does aqu'ran radicals of 911 and after this is from the fbi, and a florida the florida church that was planning on holding a demonstration is canceling that book burning and plans to go to new york and meet with officials. >> if they were willing to cancel, the mosque at the ground 0 location. or, if they're willing to move to that location if they're willing to move away from that location, we would consider that a sign from god. there are now, conflicting reports to move the mosque. and center away from the 911 memorial. and in the meantime, donald trump is going to buy up one of the major investors. and
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that controls the site near ground zero and donald trump would like to and the and inflammatory >> and kimberly sakamoto has your comments. >> pamela, even of those plans have been cancelled or viewers have very, very, large opinions about that plan. let us take a look of the facebook comments. (reading) >> and let us know what you think. if and leave your comment. >> the third state check on
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walnut creek look at this traffic! it is really backed up in both directions the 680/24 the headlights are northbound but it is bad in all directions. in san jose, what a difference! things look great, north, south, and the guadeloupe is also moving well.
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>> west valley mission community college is closed today with a power outage passes and building's construction was going on in the area. and district officials say that they're working on restore power and schools plan and opening tomorrow. >> thousanddozens of schools goe school supplies! in contra costa county, that is called kay to college received millions of dollars from the federal stimulus act to help low-income students. >> for us! it is a slam dunk and
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if they do not get this? the reality of the accounting makes this impossible. so, it is the best part of the job! >> k through college is hoping to gain corporate support once the stimulus is no longer available. the september advance of 28. of the dow jones. the snb was up 5 points and the nasdaq rose seven. . the new unemployment claims plunged. and 27,000 less at 451000 and and economists were thinking that it was on the 2000 loss but they are much higher than it would in a healthier economy. and with the economy dropis strong? thene number would be up 400, 000 ra
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or less. >> and these are continuing trade on a 15 year fixed is at 3.85% after falling. it is still the lowest starting in 1991. this new campus on the north side of san jose means millions of dollars of property tax, revenue and thousands of jobs for the city. this high tyech any built this campus after it planned to leave. mayor chuck reed offered millions of dollars for tax incentives to stay, built in san jose and a streamlined the permit process. now, the campus is open with 2300 workers, stay put. >> the mayor helped us get us to the process and i like to talk about how he moved to the speed of business. he was very encouraging on what we needed and when we needed it.
5:27 pm
>> the city once to develop northside with these businesses going there, retail and hotel space is also moving in add more high-tech firms make this their home. >> a live look from our roof cam of downtown san francisco sunny skies this afternoon. warmer. that will continue into the weekend i will still owe about in just a few minutes. have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready.
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live from the bay area's news station >> this is mill developing story, and heather donald is live in the newsroom of the latest. heather? >> this is a huge development and we are hustling to get you more information. at 3:00 p.m., a home in hercules was havin housing a body, this is video, this is the house, in the last one our real learned that investigators and agents from the fbi i and crime

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